Writer’s Guidelines

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Publish on Demand Global publishes feature articles, guides and expert opinions about the publishing process and the industry, book marketing, book cover design and topics related to the business of writing.

Every submission goes through our team and undergoes an evaluation before approval. We value quality so take note of grammar, writing style, and spelling errors.

If you’re interested in please go over the guidelines first:

  • Content must be above 1000 words.
  • Topics must be relevant to our website’s content: Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Book Marketing & Promotion, and Book Design
  • All articles must be well-researched. Fact-check your references and also cite them.
  • All articles must be written in American English and follow proper grammar. 

If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge with us, fill out our contact form.

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    Publish on Demand Global is an online publication dedicated to writers and authors. We feature articles and resources to help you write, publish, market and earn from your writing. You’ll find practical guides, insights and in-depth publishing information that will help you succeed in the publishing business. 


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